You Have to Start Somewhere: My Workout Plan – Video Links Included!

This post shares a template for a workout plan that you can start right now, at home, for free!

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Happy Sunday, everybody! ¬†Not sure why I decided to post about a workout plan on a Sunday. (Day of Rest = my favorite commandment ūüėČ ) ¬†Ok, I do know why. ¬†There’s a thought train you guys are gonna have to follow, if you have the patience…

This little yoga mat was an¬†awesome Christmas present from my family. ¬† It puts that little¬†spark of joy into stretching. ¬†(And as we all know, it’s all about those little sparks of joy. ¬†They are the real motivators/heroes in life.) ¬†Stretching is no longer: “something I really should do more of, but who has the time??”¬†Now it is: “Ooooh I know what I’m going to do this Sunday! I’m gonna role out that yoga mat and fly through some sun salutations! Oh yea!”


This post shares fun workout videos to motivate you to get fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home! Pop on over to access them all!
My toes are so happy on this yoga mat.


Sunday is the perfect day for stretching/yoga because:


  1. Stretching/yoga is relaxing and meditative.  It gives my body  and soul a chance to slow down and rejuvenate.
  2. Stretching/yoga inspires me to have a good week.  The more I take care of my body, the more I am inspired to continue to do so.  One way I try to honor God and his gift of time is to plan out my week at the beginning.  On Sunday.  A little stretching reminds me to include a workout or two into that plan.


And here we are.  My workout plan for this week:

  • Tuesday¬†(“Your weekly workout plan starts on Tuesday instead of Monday?” “C’mon guys, baby steps.”)
    • Wake up at 5:30 am and CRUSH. IT. (jk. Let’s be realistic.)
    • Wake up at 6:20 am (this is still early for me guys.)
    • Work out for twenty minutes, alternating cardio and strength. Use this video.
  • Thursday
    • Swim for 30-45 minutes after work. Bring a buddy.
    • Orrrrr go for a 30-45 minute run outside. Bring a buddy.
  • Saturday
    • Get outside! Hike hike hike hike hike. Bring a buddy.
    • If it’s raining,¬†role out that yoga mat for some good ol’ Jillian Michaels. Use this video!
  • Sunday
    • Stretch it out. (But don’t forget to stretch at the beginning and end of my other workouts too!)

This post details an easy, adaptable workout plan, good for beginners and beyond! Click on over to for the workout video links!

You’ll notice a few things about my workout plan:

  1. It’s short. I’m a huge believer in starting with small, realistic goals.
  2. I like to bring a buddy. ¬†It’s more fun, and I’m more likely to go harder and longer¬†if I have a little competition. ¬†I also find that there are fewer excuses to get home right now¬†because, quality time.
  3. With the exception of the pool, which I pay to use, I like to workout for free. ¬†Who needs a gym? Getting outside is my favorite method of exercising, but if I don’t have a lot of time or I want to focus on some strength training or I just don’t feel like putting shoes on, there are a lot of great FREE workout videos on the tube. (Here are some more of my favorites: bam, and bam.) ¬†Not all the videos include a full workout (though a lot of them do!) but they do give you some great moves to work into your own custom set.


One more thing and then I’m done: My FAVORITE way to workout is when I don’t even realize I’m working out. ¬†E.g. hiking, skiing, surfing, pick up soccer with the fam. ¬†I find these activities to be way more valuable than any solitary workout. ¬†The focus is on spending time with others and enjoying God’s creation, and there is less of a temptation to turn the workout into a self-absorbed activity. ¬†I’m not saying I don’t believe it’s a good thing to take care of my body and work on a little self-improvement. ¬†I’m just saying: let’s keep things in perspective.

Don't let your workout plan distract you from the simple joy of a quiet moment with God!
Just a little Sunday stroll through the woods. Wouldn’t trade this for much.


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