Eat Oatmeal for Breakfast and Like It (the secret? delicious and healthy toppings!)

This post shares the secret to a delicious and healthy breakfast on a budget!

I used to believe that eating oatmeal for breakfast was:

1) worth it because it’s inexpensive

2) worth it because it’s healthy

and 3) totally bleah


Now I believe that eating oatmeal for breakfast is:

1) worth it because it’s inexpensive

2) worth it because it’s healthy

and 3) totally awesome and delicious

Healthy Oatmeal for Breakfast
mango goodness

How did this change come about? My wise mother introduced me to the toppings bar.

Growing up, our options for porridge (as we called it #littlehouseontheprairie) included raisins and brown sugar.  Delicious, in fact, but of course I started cutting out the brown sugar because we’re not supposed to eat sugar for breakfast, right???  Without brown sugar I was left with a bowl of mush with a few sweet spots. (the raisins)

Then one day I came home from college and my mom had this totally beautiful array of toppings for her porridge.  They included shredded coconut and chia seeds, as well as other delicious, crunchy items that I don’t now remember.

Anyways, that changed my outlook on oatmeal for breakfast. You guys, there are sooooo many amazing ways to eat oatmeal for breakfast!!  And, spoiler alert, bananas are a key ingredient. 🙂

This is how I make my oatmeal, pretty much on the daily:

  1. Cook oatmeal as usual. (Sometimes I throw an egg in while its cooking and mix it around.  This adds protein and a strange texture.)
  2. As soon as it is finished cooking, I remove it from the heat and mash in a banana. (The heat brings out the sweetness of the banana.)
  3. Pile on the coconut and chia seeds, baby!

Bananas, being the least expensive and most versatile fruit in existence, add a guilt-free sweetness.  I buy the coconut and chia in bulk (yea Winco), and use little enough that so far I have not noticed them to be a strain on my budget at all.

And this banana/coconut combo isn’t the only way to make oatmeal delicious! Other toppings I love:

  • mangos (always) – goes well with coconut!
  • peaches
  • applesauce and cinnamon (Classic.  Sometimes, instead of using applesauce, I cut apple slices into the heating water and let them get soft before adding the oatmeal…if I’m thinking ahead.)
  • bananas, raisins, and milk (or cream!) = yum
  • dried cranberries and coconut
  • bananas, applesauce and dates
  • bananas, dates and coconut – so crunchy, so wonderful

The combinations are endless…

This post is making me hungry.


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