Ch. 42: In Which I Realize that the Truism, “Life is a Journey,” Is the Secret to Happiness

These 4 words helped me increase my daily contentment. Find out how at! | life is a journey not a destination, Christian inspiration, intentional living #livewithintention |

I used to give no thought to the old and obvious saying, “life is a journey.” Now it’s my secret weapon for daily contentment. Here’s why.

Perhaps its the amount of time I’ve spent in the car recently, or the number of addresses I’ve had in the past 9 months, and the fact that I’m getting a new one in the next three. (Life has literally been a journey for us recently.)

Or it’s my constant efforts to be 100% happy in the moment even while wishing my last few hours of work away and waiting impatiently for X, Y and Z to happen.

I am insanely sentimental, (read: unable to throw away my gross keychain I’ve had since my very first set of car keys) and I daydream about a perfect future (read: light-filled cabin, explosive garden, children, bliss.)

These 4 words helped me increase my daily contentment. Find out how at! | life is a journey not a destination, Christian inspiration, intentional living #livewithintention |

I’ll be driving and laughing with the one I love most, only to be interrupted with the nagging sensation that I can’t hold on to this moment of happiness. And at the same time, I don’t want to. As happy as my memories are, I never want to go back. (Senior year of high school aaallllmost an exception.) As much as I see the value in living in the moment, I always want to go forward.

This tug of war used to drive me crazy. I felt like I was never able to truly live with joy in the moment. The oft-repeated-by-my-family phrase, “life is a journey,” never helped me, perhaps because the cheesiness always overshadowed the truth of it. The truth that we are not made for time. We are made for a life far better. I suppose everyone needs their own lightbulb moment.

Mine occurred in the kitchen, staring at the fridge whiteboard. (See here for a visual.) Life is a journey, I thought! Not to an ancient me wheezing on my deathbed, but to heaven/union with God/LOVE/eternal and perfect bliss. And the fact that life is sometimes delightful and sometimes difficult, but always passing, is one huge blessing. It’s a blessing that our journey is wonderful and filled with opportunities to love and give and grow. It’s also a blessing that it’s taking us somewhere far better.

Not that the present moment holds no value for us. It holds immense value. It’s where God is. It’s a gift. We can just stop trying to nail it down. We can stop worrying that it’s all we have. We get to live each passing moment with God, until we get to live one big perfect moment with Him in heaven.

Thank you for this beautiful day, thank you for tomorrow which takes me one day closer to you, thank you for the cookie in the brown paper bag.

So we don’t have to desperately hold on to the past, nor fear the future. We just need to enter one big giant Zen state of flow. haha.

But seriously, grotty little keychain, it’s the trash for you. I don’t need you where I’m going.

What’s your secret to finding peace in the passing of time? Share some inspiration with us in the comments!




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