Intentional Living: My Experience With the KonMari Method of Organizing, Part 3

I saved the best for last!

I also waited several months, distracted by other topics. But I still love KonMari, and I want to share one last reason why with you. (Reason 1 and reason 2 are here if you need to play a little catch up.)

In my experience, the best part about the KonMari method is that it goes way beyond organization tips. The simplicity is great, and it’s great to work with what you already have. My favorite part, however, is the peace you find during this whole process.  It’s all about joy, and living the life you want to live. That’s what a home is for, right? It’s not just a place to show off our fancy stuff, alphabetically organized in a massive storage system. It’s a place to find rest from our work, to love and nurture our families, to dream, to pursue our passions, to pass on our culture. The KonMari method helps us get there.

Tips for Intentional Living from the KonMari method. Check them out at

Close Your Eyes

The first step in the KonMari method is to imagine your life in an organized and beautiful home, and then write it down in detail.  Marie Kondo steps you through this process, and I found it to be so worthwhile, and not just because it motivated me to organize my home!  Here is some of what I wrote:

“I want to come home from work each day to a light-filled home, where everything has a place and there are fresh flowers…I want to care for my plants…After dinner with my family I want to sit down and read a book with tea, leaving time for prayer before bed.”

Kondo then has you ask yourself “why?” and this was just as helpful:

“Gardening soothes me but I find it hard to make time for it…”

“While reading I can relax, enjoy my home, educate myself…”

“To slow down, focus, live my vocation more intentionally and grow in the love of God.”

Every time I re-read these cheesy little couple of paragraphs, I remember what it is I’m looking for in life. And then I put down my phone and pick up a book.  Or I leave the dishes for ten minutes and spend some quality time catching up with my family. I tell myself it is worth it to put my shoes away right now before I forget, to make my home that much more pleasant.

Tips for Intentional Living from the KonMari method. Check them out at

Got Paper and a Pen?

Your turn! Here is my own version of the KonMari questionnaire. Grab your journal or a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil stub, and ask yourself:

  1. What does my ideal home look like? What objects do I see when I walk in the door?
  2. What will I do in this home? How do I spend my time? Who am I with?
  3. Why do I want my home to look like this?
  4. Why do I want to do these activities?
  5. Why are the reasons I just gave important to me?
  6. What can I do today to live this life I just described?

Be detailed in your answers, and challenge yourself to really think about what is truly important. My dream home includes a front porch and a fireplace, and I can’t have that now. But what I want to do in my dream home is spend quality time in a beautiful environment with the people I love. Can I do that now? Yes! Am I motivated to do a quick tidy up to make that beautiful environment? Yes!

Tips for Intentional Living from the KonMari method. Check them out at
I am also motivated to bake some muffins. More muffins = more living.

Post It

Someone once told me that if your write down your goals and then post them on the wall where you can see them everyday, you are more likely to accomplish them. In my experience, this is completely true.

So now that you have written down what you want your intentional life to look like, go ahead and tape that paper to the fridge. Or tack it to the wall so it you see it every morning.

It is so easy to just go through the motions in life, looking for convenience and entertainment, and never really soaking in the richness of our surroundings.

Don’t let time pass this way.

“Time is a precious gift. It is so precious that God dispenses it to you one second at a time.” – Matthew Kelly

So take some time now to think about what an intentional life looks like for you. Write it down. Give your reasons. Post it to the wall. And, if this motivates you, find an image that captures what you are shooting for.

Tips for Intentional Living from the KonMari method. Check them out at
A little Carl Larsson inspo for us all

And don’t forget that external order can lead to internal order. That’s what the KonMari method is all about. A tidy home can really help you live an intentional life. At the same time though, it is just a means to an end. Don’t let yourself get discouraged if you can’t keep up. Don’t sacrifice family time or your passions for a color-coded closet.

What motivates you to create a beautiful home? What does your dream home life look like? Let me know in the comments so we can encourage each other to live intentionally.



Tips for Intentional Living from the KonMari method. Check them out at

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