Choose the Humble Option Part 1

humble option

Perhaps this describes you:

You walk into the Apple store, intent upon replacing your phone because the screen is smashed, it sometimes makes calls but sometimes doesn’t, and vibrates just to say hello. A few minutes later, you leave the store in disgust, no purchase made, annoyed because you were told you need to buy more “cloud space,” and completely repulsed by all the shiny Apply products lining the walls. Who needs a phone?

You are content with what you have left after giving 75% of your belongings away, buy what you do think can help you in some way, but scoff at the idea that stuff can make you happy.

If all of the above describes you, then I admire you. And I wish I was more like you.

But this is what I’m like: after living without a phone for several weeks, fully realizing how little I “need” one, I decide I want one for my birthday so people can call me (fair) and go full board for the rose gold iPhone.

I want to live simply, but I’m not that good at it.

I want to listen to the advice of holy people, who encourage us to choose the humble option, but the humble option was not the rose gold iPhone.

(As I type this, two 60-something ladies at the table next to me are fawning over a brand new Macboook air. “It’s so pretty!” I just think it’s funny timing.)

My friend and I were talking the other day about how difficult it is to truly live poorly. When push comes to shove, we’re weak, and we like comfort and shiny things.

How can we live simply? How can we listen to the advice of those holy people?

Here’s one idea:

Commit to supporting good companies.

It’s easier to pass up on all that stuff you don’t need in Target when you don’t want to support Target.

It’s harder to get carried away with your new-job-wardrobe when you ditch the outlet malls for fair-trade or second-hand.

You have less options this way, and it can be humbling to go with the option you don’t like as much, but which sits better with your conscience, instead of the super cute option that’s half the price, but doesn’t sit so well with your conscience.

Buuuuut I don’t think this solves the problem completely. It’s only one side of the coin, and I want to talk about that other side next. Stay tuned!

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