7 Quick Takes: What I’m Giving Up In 2018

What I'm Giving Up This New Year...Seven Quick Takes from Marie at happinessandblueshoesblog.com.

Inspired by This Ain’t the Lyceum SQT.

  1. Worrying whether other people approve of my decisions. Several months ago, a wise priest told me: “It’s between you and God and your husband.” This is literally the hardest advice I have ever taken, but since we’re making resolutions, I resolve to really give this one up. It doesn’t matter whether other people think I’m making a smart or dumb or whatever decision, as long as I’ve talked about it with God and my husband. Just the thought of letting go of that kind of gives me warrior-princess vibes and I think as long as I can keep those coming I should be able to keep this resolution. Note: I am not giving up consideration of other people’s needs and feelings and hurts and desires. I am not adopting a “who gives a s***” attitude. I am just giving up the constant need for affirmation. For good. Goodbye.
  2. Shopping at the outlets and other low-quality consumeristic deals deals deals shopping venues. Paying more money up front is so hard for me and my penny pinching ways, but I am realizing how important it is for the sake of lasting-quality and ethical trade. I wrote more about why and how I went “slow-fashion” here.  Also, I realized that if I put a little thought into how I actually want to dress, I can take the time to make that happen. Hence all the time I put into this Pinterest board. #personalstyle #therewentmymorning
  3. Stressing out when I don’t fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I used to be a Nazi about my sleep. Like I need to fall asleep this instant everybody turn out the lights and be silent or I’m not going to get my 8 hours or whatever. And then I would be stressed about getting x hours of sleep, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep, and then I would be more stressed, and you see the pattern here. My friend told me that God gives her exactly how much sleep she needs each night, so even if she feels tired the next day she knows it’s all fine, she has what she needs to get through the day. I am working on adopting this attitude. I know my body does need a lot of sleep, so I discipline myself to get my work done by 8 pm or so, so I can relax, spend some family time, and read before I go to bed. I try reeeaaalllly hard to stay off of my phone to let my brain adjust or whatever. And then if I am not tired when I turn out the lights, I remind myself that I am getting just the rest that God wants me to get. And tomorrow is going to be beautiful.
  4. Stressing out about the food budget. Stress-free year, coming right up. I am trying to find the balance between stocking up for fear of running out and being a rations monster.  Recently I have been so determined to stick to a certain budget that I calculate and buy exactly how much of each food item we needed for that week, and strictly stick to it. Then someone comes in and like CRUSHES the food and I get SO MAD because now all the almond butter is gone and I had about 1 tablespoon. So now I am trying to relax about the whole thing. I don’t stock up too crazy, but I don’t stress when we go through food faster than I calculated. I still try to stay within a general budget but I buy enough of what my family needs and make a second trip during the week if I really need too. This should not be complicated. I don’t know why I make it so complicated.
  5. Waiting for my friends to call me. It means so much to me that my friends call, but I never call them! This is gonna change.
  6. Going on Instagram more than twice a day. You heard me! This one is going to take discipline. The goal is once a day, but I’m going for “low barrier of entry” I believe it’s called. And those two times I go for a scroll, I am not going to be making dinner, or transitioning from work to home, or anything else that deserves my full attention. Mindfulness, baby.
  7. Taking my family for granted. Sometimes my husband gets off work early and I’m like oh but I was gonna get all this stuff done before he got home dangit. GIRL! What if he died tomorrow? All that “stuff” does not matter. My family is God’s biggest gift to me, my true vocation. In 2018, I am going to stop multitasking during family time, and work on being fully present, joyful, and grateful.

What are you giving up this year?



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  1. I love this!!

    All of these.. Going on instagram – and food budgets and spending that really-present family time! I never stress about sleep. I wake up so often and never sleep through the night. In highschool I was convinced it was something I needed to fix, but now it’s such a blessing because the winter woodstove needs tending at night and who better to do it? 😉

    1. I love knowing other people are working on the same stuff! But I am so jealous you don’t stress about sleep…I’m gonna get there!

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