7 Quick Takes: My First Rodeo

  1. I have never done anything like this. I am completely wingin’ it, and having a blast. So happy I stumbled upon Y Is For Home!‘s 7QTs, which led me over to This Ain’t the Lyceum, who is hosting this whole 7QTs link up. So fun, so glad I found it.
  2. I just sliced up three cucumbers which have been in my fridge for about a week or so and put them in a jar with some dill and garlic and brine because I am making PICKLES! I am super excited. I will eat veggies again when I feel like snacking. I only wish that they were fresh, farmers market cucumbers, but it is January and I live in a cold place now and you can’t win ’em all. Some day though. Some day I won’t wait until the last farmers market of the year to realize that I want to start preserving.

    Snug as some cucumbers in a pickle jar
  3. Along these lines, I got the Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon for Christmas, and I am simultaneously excited and overwhelmed. Every other recipe calls for piima cream. So I’m taking it slowly but surely and have been really enjoying my soaked oatmeal and butter in the morning. I feel like my heart has always known that butter was good for me. Thank you, Sally Fallon.
  4. I currently work at a public school, a foreign land to my mostly home-schooled self, and though I’m not really in to the whole public school thing, I still love these kids and believe that this is where God wants me. For now. So anyways, today one of my students took about 20 minutes to solve a long division problem, because he was distracted and goofing off and making mistakes. He did get the correct answer in the end, and I asked him, “are you proud of yourself?” thinking he would say yes, he was proud that he got the right answer. He said “no.” I asked why not, and he said, “I could have done it faster.” I loved this answer. When given the chance, he was able to think about how he had done and whether he was happy with it. And he did think about it, and realized he could do better. He knew he was capable of solving that problem, and that it didn’t need to take him 20 minutes. Maybe next time he will focus a little bit more, who knows. I just love the honest evaluation he gave himself.
  5. I’m supposed to be making dinner. I’ll be back.
  6. I made burger soup, it’s simmering now and smells so good.
  7. I recently started listening to a lot of Byzantine chant. Might not be your thing, but I loooooove it. During the Christmas season, I needed something to get into the mystery and seriousness of the season, and I found some Byzantine Christmas chant, and now I’m hooked. (I can’t now find the exact one that I loved, but here’s an idea for you.) 

Thank you, Kelly Mantoan, for the 7 Quick Takes link up! You guys should go give it a look.



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  1. I came here from 7QT. I’ll be poking around your archives – your blog sounds very interesting (if very different from where and how I live). Have a good week!

    1. Hi! I’m glad you find it interesting. What your lifestyle like? I love getting to know my readers. So glad you found me!

      1. Medium sized house, hordes of children ,and a very seat of my pants lifestyle. We entered survival mode a few kids ago and haven’t emerged yet, I think that ‘s why I appreciate people who write about a more mindful way of living (even if it’s not all the time). I also liked your post about honey face wash -my one daughter has been experimenting with homemade face washes for over a year now, and honey is one of her favorites.

        1. That sounds a lot like how I grew up 🙂 There were 9 of us. I loved it, honestly, and my mom developed the motto “it’s all a means to an end.” Meaning, if she raised good kids, it didn’t matter how hectic it was. (Although I’m sure she would have appreciated a little peace and quiet.) I tend to fly by the seat of my pants too, and I’m very forgetful, but this blog is a way for me to work on being more intentional. I’m glad you find it helpful. I don’t have kids yet, and I have so much respect for parents of big families. The work you do is so important.
          P.S. I don’t remember if I mentioned in that post that sometimes I add a little brown sugar to the honey to make an exfoliant for my face. Has your daughter tried that? It feels so good!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I love the variety of bloggers that join #7QT!
    I’ve had Nourishing Traditions on my wishlist for awhile, but I kept hoping I could preview it before purchasing it. And now I’m intrigued; piima cream??? Now I’m wondering if I’m crunchy enough. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the opportunity! I think piima cream is kind of like sour cream? Not positive! That book has the best pancake recipe everrrr though so might be worth checking it out at the library at least. 😉

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